KACKAR SUGAR, film - Music: Jerome Baur
KACKAR SUGAR © Jerome Baur, Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stephane Jarreau, Didier Lafond Images : Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stephane Jarreau, Didier Lafond

film music

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - 2005


jerome baur, film music · DEEP DIVING II - une vie sans air - extrait

Soundtrack & sound design composed by Jérôme Baur: tracks 1 ”Yalnizca Beyaz” and 3. ”Orient du tout”

(Other music of the movie, tracks 2  ”Numero 12” and 4 ”Final” composed by François d'Aimé)

The Swiss freerider Dominique Perret composes his lines between the vertiginous slopes of the mountains of Turkey and the bewitching heat of an oriental dancer.

To dress the graphic traces of the skier on the white page of these impressive mountains, I was inspired by the Sufi colors and this great cultural crossroads that is Turkey.




Film by Dominique Perret (freerider Suisse) - Vertical Zoo Film
Directed by Didier Lafond
Gaphic design & video FX : Gordon, Stef Jarreau
Video editing : mobilhome Philippe Avy
Music & sound design: Jerome Baur, François d'Aimé



© white noise
© White Noise - Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stéphane Jarreau