Vague influence, film
© Jerome Baur, Manu Bertin, Gedeon Images : Christophe Graillot, Vincent Françoise, Stéphane Jarreau, Jean-François Julian

musique de film

Soundtrack composed by Jérôme Baur - 2000


jerome baur, film music · Vague influence - La maison des chevaux (J.Baur) edited. extrait


Manu Bertin, extreme sportsman, inventor of the Kite Surf and free thinker,
is the first to measure himself against the mythical giant wave of Hawaii "Jaws" (aka "jaw") in Kite-surf.

A sporting and also artistic adventure with the involvement of great names and talents of the audio-visual.

It was a great pleasure for me to compose this soundtrack, between water and air, on the waves and influences of music from all over the world.

Concept and main character : Manu Bertin
Video editing : (Xtof) Christophe Graillot
Images : Christophe Graillot, Stéphane Jarreau, Vincent Françoise, J_F Julian
Sound : Christophe Couget
Production : Gedeon prodcutions, France.

This film has been awarded several times in several international film festivals since 2000.