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© Jerome Baur, Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stephane Jarreau Images : Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stephane Jarreau

film music

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - 2008


jerome baur, film music · DEEP DIVING II - une vie sans air - extrait· 


I had a great pleasure to compose the music for the new movie of the Swiss freerider and champion, Dominique Perret. This time, it's on the impressive mountains of Alaska that he draws his lines of slopes.

His extreme and graphic sport has been dressed and enhanced by the beautiful visual design of Gordon and Stéphane Jarreau, in Paris. The black and white of the 2D images that transform into 3D, reinforce the disturbing power of the mountains.


- 7th International Festival of Outdoor Films, Czech Republic - 2009
- Best Film on Skiing Award at VIMFF 2010



film by Dominique Perret (Swiss free rider)
Music composed by Jérôme Baur
Production Vertical Zoo Film
Graphic design & video FX : Gordon, Stéphane Jarreau
video editing: mobilhome, Philippe Avy

© white noise
© White Noise - Dominique Perret, Gordon, Stéphane Jarreau


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