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Knock Knock the Casting - episode 1
Knock Knock the casting by Giacomo Ravicchio - Music by Jerome Baur
Web series - 13 episodes - International - 2021-2022



Once upon a time, real flesh and blood actors performed in theatres, on real stages and in front of an audience... But perhaps this is just a legend. KNOCK KNOCK: THE CASTING takes place at the beginning of this legend.

This web-series was made with all kinds of selfies, cameras, web cams, computer cams, drone, gopro and two Panasonic AG UX90 video cameras.



KNOCK KNOCK: THE CASTING is a 13-episode international web series that will be launched on SoMe media from April to June 2021, on Youtube and on the official website:  


Jack William Radish, a theatre director suffering from massive panic attacks and a precarious economic situation, is approached by the National Art Theater in a major city with the opportunity to mount a huge show with an international cast.

He has no idea what an international cast is, especially since his panic attacks prevent him from travelling. Fortunately, he learns of a new form of technology that allows him to travel around the world without ever having to leave his home. Now the search for his cast can begin!


To create this web series, which reminds us of the variety of performing arts that exist in this world, Giacomo Ravicchio invited actors, clowns, acrobats, dancers and singers from all over the world to participate. (See credits below).

Meridiano Teatret is the main producer of KNOCK KNOCK: THE CASTING and as such has invited the Swiss arts association Artecapt to become a collaborator and associate co-producer.

The idea of the web-series is to explore the consequences of the pandemic, not only in terms of the limits of freedom, but also in terms of the possibilities it offers to create new ways of behaving and, perhaps, how it can change some of our ways of behaving forever.

KNOCK KNOCK: THE CASTING is a web series that addresses the problems of one of the sectors that most needs direct contact with its audience, namely live performance.


All the artists involved in this project come from different parts of the world. 
They filmed themselves with their smartphones, or other video devices, following precise basic instructions, and were inserted into the story giving the impression that all the characters were present at the same time and in the same space, when in reality they are in different places.

In the post-production process in Copenhagen, the films, from different parts of the world, were edited by director Giacomo Ravicchio, assisted by Robert Nhi Felsby and Glenn Ziqver Xavier, while the original music and sound design were created in close collaboration with music composer and sound designer Jérôme Baur in Switzerland.


In early summer 2020, the Danish Ministry of Culture and The Danish Arts Foundation, together with 4 private foundations, invited all Danish artists to propose projects to kick-start new artistic expressions and experiences within the restrictions of the corona crisis. KNOCK KNOCK THE CASTING was one of the 71 projects selected. 

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