Robinson & Crusoe
Robinson & Crusoe © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur Robinson & Crusoe © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur

music for theatre

musique & sound design: Jérôme Baur



Show for all audiences - Copenhagen, 2009

The show, written by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna in 1985, was staged again by Giacomo Ravicchio in Copenhagen in 2009, with a brand new soundtrack composed by Jérôme Baur at the Danish Meridiano Teatret.


A roof surrounded by the ocean. Two enemy soldiers meet here after a catastrophe. One speaks several European languages, the other a strange kind of gibberish of oriental or perhaps Asian origin...

The ocean is the only witness of their struggle to find a common language in order to be able, at first, to respond to their need for survival, then, later, to enjoy their "bounty", to dream of their past and decide on their future and a new life... It is an ode to friendship, a moment of humanity.


The show, written by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna in 1985, has been performed on five continents and staged in 20 different countries by more than 100 theater companies. The original version was performed and directed by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna and produced by Teatro dell'Angolo in Turin, Italy.


Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna have performed together in over 500 shows worldwide. The playwrights' original production alone has won the following awards: 

  • XIII Award max de las artes Escenica Premio Espectáculo Revelación, Madrid 2010- Espagne
  • Prix du meilleur spectacle Los Santos de Maimona (Estrémadure). 2010-2011- Espagne
  • Prix AGIS pour la meilleure production italienne ayant le plus de représentations à l'étranger, mai 1991 - Rome - Italie
  • Schauspiele '88, Prix de la meilleure scénographie, mai 1988 - Munich - Allemagne.
  • Prix de la ville de Turin, pièce de théâtre, mai 1987 - Turin - Italie
  • Prix de la meilleure interprétation étrangère, mai 1987 - Montréal- Canada
  • Le "Golden Ticket" AGIS/BNL ,août 1986- Taormina - Italie

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On stage: Jan Overgaard Mogensen, Claudio Morales

Scriptwriter, director, designer : Giacomo Ravicchio
Script translation : Bent Holm
Music Composer & Sound Designer: Jérôme Baur
Light & sound: Morten Riis Sørensen

Production : Meridiano Theater, Copenhague, Danemark

by Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio

There are performances that get to their end within one season; others that, almost without that the actors and authors know how; became classics. "Robinson & Crusoe" debuted in 1985. 

The original version was written, directed and played  by Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio and produced by the Teatro dell’Angolo of Torino in Italy. Nino D’Introna and Giacomo Ravicchio played together 500 shows all over the world.

During its long life it has been represented across five continents, many awards have been conferred upon it and more the 100 different companies from different countries have held it. As it happens to every classic that deserves respect, its life continues "by request".

Born to be addressed to the kid's audience, a dramatic development of considerations about "the solitude in childhood", "Robinson & Crusoe" won applause among audience of every age, spreading immediately with incredible amusement its exceptional vital power and the exceptional emotions.

The styles and the themes of the performance are still actual today, it seeks and finds a delicate balance between speech and non-verbal language and uses, in a calibrate and intense way, music, light and scenography.