The White Snake - G.Ravicchio / J. Baur
The White Snake © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur The White Snake © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur

music for theatre

music & sound design by Jérôme Baur


jerome baur, music · Dragon Boat (extrait) White Snake - China


Spectacle tout public - Copenhague, 2009

The artistic director Giacomo Ravicchio and the music composer Jérôme Baur were invited by the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, the national theater of China, to create a show on the theme of the thousand-year-old Chinese legend "THE WHITE SNAKE". The premiere took place on 15.07.2009 at the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. The success of this show has led him to tour the world even today.


Story : "A painter and calligrapher transports us into a thousand-year-old Chinese tale. Two snakes, White Snake and Green Snake, are demons who live in the world of immortals.

Curious about the human condition, the demons decide to visit mortals. On earth, they choose to take the appearance of two beautiful women.

Along the 5 rivers, White Snake immediately falls in love with a young and beautiful pharmacist, Xi Xian. He too falls under the spell of this mysterious woman.

Green Snake, on the other hand, is not happy with her friend White's whim. However Green will help her to conquer the object of her heart.

Fai Hai, a demon-hunting monk, passes by and warns young Xi Xian of the danger he is in. This monk, who has made a vow to exterminate demons, feels the approach of the two snakes. To save his young protégé, he is ready to do anything.

But... It is already too late, love is there, inexorable and growing. This love that doesn't care about differences or races to establish its magic...

June 2009, Shanghai, Jérôme Baur

THE WHITE SNAKE - G.Ravicchio - Music Jerome Baur- poster © SDAC Shanghai
THE WHITE SNAKE - Spectacle de Giacomo Ravicchio - Music de Jerome Baur


The show, written by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna in 1985, has been performed on five continents and staged in 20 different countries by more than 100 theater companies. The original version was performed and directed by Giacomo Ravicchio and Nino D'Introna and produced by Teatro dell'Angolo in Turin, Italy.


Crystal Award

Chinese National Theatre - SDAC - Dramatic Arts Center Shanghai - Crystal Award - best performance, for the play "The White Snake" - China - 2008 

Dance of Lady White Snake
Dance of Lady White Snake


Director, set, light and video designer: Giacomo Ravicchio (Italia/Denmark)
music composer, songs & sound design: Jerome Baur (France/Switzerland)
Production Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
Production managers - Nick, Alex, Ray Liu


  • White Snake - Wang Yang Mei zi
  • Green Sbake - Wang Jue
  • Xu Xian - Jia Jing Hui
  • The singer - Gong Xiao
  • The narrator - He Jue
  • Fai Hai - Liu Peng

Production : Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center - SDAC
Executive producer : Ray Liu Lei and Nick (Director of the SDAC)
Video/sound technician : wang yi xuan
Stage managers : Mister Jin

White Snake Poster
White Snake Poster



Here is a lovely message written on a program at the end of the show by the famous film music composer TAN DUN who came to see the show in Shanghai (he composed among others the soundtracks of Don't Cry, Nanking, 1995 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000 - Hero, or Ying xiong, 2002 - The Banquet, or Ye yan, 2006).
A return on my music which moved me a lot!

Feedback from the film composer TAN DUN about the music, after the show
Feedback from the film composer TAN DUN about the music, after the show


A huge thank you to Giacomo Ravicchio for this incredible artistic adventure. Thanks to my wife Sveva Grigioni-Baur and my daughter Gaia Baur who joined me in China to discover the show in Shanghai.

Thanks to Elise Müller-Ravicchio, Lars Begtrupp, Poul Richard Pederson for their constant support. Thanks to Marina Guo, for her help and her precious advices. A big thank you also to Lin Qian, script assistant & translator who helped us a lot during the creation of the show.


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