EARTH, WIND & WATER, FIRE © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur-photo © Thomas Petri EARTH, WIND & WATER, FIRE © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur-photo © Thomas PetriMeridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio, Jerome Baur-photo © Thomas Petri

musique de théâtre

Show of 6 hours for 4 plays gathered.
Written and directed by Giacomo Ravicchio - musique & sound design: Jérôme Baur



Théâtre all audience - Copenhagen, 2000


"Two lovers searching for each other all their lives, in the four corners of the world".

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"I'm crazy about this show!"

Jyllands-Posten, Denmark (2000)

This acclaimed four-part work by Giacomo Ravicchio was first performed at the Århus Festival Week and in Copenhagen in September 2000. The production was performed again in September 2002.

"Earth, Air, Water and Fire" is a love story played by ten actors

Emil Jensen, a famous photojournalist, rediscovers a part of his past that has remained in the shadows. In the autumn of his life, he suddenly realizes how much he has loved Helena and how much she has loved him.

For 40 years, they have followed each other like two omnipresent shadows. They are eternally linked to each other and their paths, without them knowing it, cross and recross over and over again, until they are both confronted with their past.

The soundtrack of this show, composed by Jérôme Baur, is a journey in itself and one cannot imagine this story with any other music! The six-hour show includes three intermissions.


When the director Giacomo Ravicchio asked me to compose the soundtrack of a 6-hour show about a story that takes place all around the world and even in space... and all this shortly before the year 2000, I was taken by vertigo.

The story takes place in many different eras, on almost every continent, through a wide variety of different cultures, and all of this over six hours on stage.

In order to help the audience catapult itself through time and space in the course of this saga, the music obviously plays an important role. To create the different titles, I was inspired by traditional music from all over the world.

I then mixed their sounds and/or their intentions with orchestrations sometimes symphonic and sometimes electro as well as with other currents such as pop, jazz, rock-fusion, etc. All this music was created at the same time as the invention of the scenes with the actors directed by Giacomo Ravicchio.

The idea of a nomadic studio was not yet widespread in 2000. When I left Paris for the beginning of the creation period, I arrived in Copenhagen by car, with more than 200kg of equipment (keyboards, interfaces, mixing board, cabling, etc).

Soon after, the first laptop computers became available, I was able to build my first nomadic studio and come back to Copenhagen this time with a small suitcase containing everything I needed to compose and produce new music.


Director, author and set designer: Giacomo Ravicchio.
Artistic collaboration and translation of the manuscript: Elise Müller
Composer: Jérôme Baur
Lighting: Angelica Kroeger

With : Elisabeth Befrits, Lars Begtrup, Albert Bendix, Nina Christrup, Rasmus Haxen, Mads Lumholt, Claus Maack Bahnsen, Elise Müller, Jesper Pedersen, Trine Runge.

I cannot thank Giacomo Ravicchio, his wife Elise Müller-Ravicchio and the entire Meridiano Teatret team enough for making this incredible adventure possible.


photo © thomas Petri