THE LITTLE PRINCE - Osaka Japan - Kio theater
THE LITTLE PRINCE - Osaka Japan - Kio theater THE LITTLE PRINCE - Osaka Japan - Kio theater

music for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - Japan, 2017


Création 2017 - Directed by Kohey Nagasashi - Osaka - Japon - 2017
Production : KIO theater group:

World premiere : Osaka, 09.04.2017


Kohey Nagasashi revisits Antoine de St Exupéry's masterpiece from a new angle, where comedy and drama embrace in a waltz of theatre, song, dance, video, juggling and pantomime. I discovered that The Little Prince and Heïdi are the two most well-known and appreciated Western characters and fables in Japan.

The director was pleased to invite me to create the soundtrack for the show. It was in Osaka that I composed the different themes of the show. I mix the flavours of the desert, the scents of Japan and a few touches of electro, jazz fusion or world music. All this gives rhythm to the Little Prince's various visits to the planets and his adventure on earth.

All this music, the videos and visual inventions of Kohey Nagadashi create a beautiful journey alongside the Little Prince, who is played with talent by the actress from the KIO company, Korin Sakura.

I was delighted to see the smiles and expressions on the faces of the Japanese children as they, in turn, discovered this tragic and beautiful fable.


Metteur en scène: Kohey Nakadachi
Musique originale et sound design: Jerome Baur
Production: KIO Theater Osaka
Adaptation texte: Takeshi Masuda Theater (Company de la Mongolie)
Design Flyer: Hato (coonyang)
Lyrics and voice over: Kohey Nakadachi

On stage: Kohey Nakadachi, Korin Sakura, Torika Kikuta, Mlle Sullivan, Kanai Keisuke
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