ENIGMA OF MAGNA - Osaka Japan - Kio theater
ENIGMA OF MAGNA - Japan - MintFlag Studio Tokyo - Kio theater Osaka

musique for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - Japan, 2017


Creation 2017 - Directed by Kohey Nagasashi - Osaka - Japan - 2018
World premiere : Osaka and Kobe, 2018
Production : KIO theater group: http://www.thekio.co.jp/product/oshichi


The world of Magna is cut in two by a wall higher than a mountain. From the town where the little boy, Kay, lives with his friends, everyone fears what might be on the other side of this wall. One day, a mysterious little girl and a strange purple creature fall from the sky, right in front of Kay.

The girl's name is Ray and she seems to know a lot about the other side of the world. The problem is that she speaks a language that no one knows and time is running out because Ray did not fall from the sky alone! A terrible threat arrives with her...

Enigma of Magna - Osaka, Japan
Enigma of Magna - Osaka, Japan


It is in 2018 that the studio of animated films and creator of video games Mintflag Inc. (ceo. Takashi Katayama) in collaboration with Funfun Learning English Education Application (ceo. Yamaka hiroto) of Tokyo, called on the director Kohey Nakadachi et à  KIO theater group from Osaka

In order to create a show based on the story of the video game Magna, the mysterious little girl. I composed the music, songs and sound design for this show during six weeks in spring 2018 in Osaka.


This educational and interactive game was created to help Japanese children learn English in a fun way. The animation studio and FunFun Learning embarked on the adventure of bringing the story and concept of this game to life on stage.

The original music of the video game already existed but, because it was designed for the small screen, it did not work for the stage. The specificities and requirements between the world of video games and that of a play being very different, we had to completely rethink the presentation of the story, the characters, the dramaturgy and the music (which includes about ten songs in Japanese and English).

The cohabitation of several animated films with the stage play of the actors and actresses required a long work to obtain a right balance in coherence with the technical, financial and logistical capacities of a touring theater company.

During a month of work, we gave little by little body to these virtual characters by also integrating the elements giving desire and curiosity to the children in order to allow them to reach the English language. The premiere in Tokyo with 600 children and 200 adults in the room was a real success.

When they left the theater, the children were already trying to communicate in English with each other and with our team! We had great feedback from the audience and enthusiasm from the teachers. There was also the interest shown by several Japanese political figures who came to the premiere.

Enigma of Magna invité à l'évènement ”Fun Learning”
Enigma of Magna invité à l'évènement ”Fun Learning”


On stage: Kohey Nakadachi, Korin Sakura,
Director: Kohey Nakadachi
Original music and sound design: Jerome Baur
Co-production: FunFun Learning - MintLab studio - and- KIO Theater & Oval Theater
Executive Production Manager, tour information: Miss Korin Sakura

Enigma of Magna - the audience in Osaka
Enigma of Magna - the audience in Osaka
Enigma of Magna - Osaka - by the Kio theater
Enigma of Magna - Osaka - by the Kio theater