GOKKO FOX - Osaka Japan - Kio theater
GOKKO FOX - Osaka Japan - Kio theater GOKKO FOX - Osaka Japan - Kio theater

music for theatre

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - Japan, 2017


jerome baur, music · SEXY DANCE-Cherry Blossom Viewing Dancing-Gokko Fox (J.Baur)-extrait

Creation 2017 - Directed by Kohey Nagasashi - Osaka - Japan - 2017
Production : KIO theater group: http://www.thekio.co.jp/product/oshichi
Première: 28.02.2017, Osaka - Kintetsu Art Museum Yubinbango - 545-8545 Abeno-ku, Osaka Abenosuji, Japan.



This one and a half hour show is inspired by a short story written by the Japanese novelist Saikaku Ihara in his book FIVE WOMEN WHO LOVED LOVE. OSHICHI tells a dramatic tale that all Japanese people know well.

The Artistic Director of the KIO THEATER GROUP, Kohey Nakadachi, revisits this tragic story with talent by offering several points of view, located in the past, the present as well as in the distant future.

The music of Jérôme Baur also crosses the ages by mixing very different styles and instruments. A sound color that gives a real identity to the show and to the spectators, a ticket for an amazing journey.

Oshichi 07- Jerome Baur at Osaka
Oshichi 07- Jerome Baur at work on a tower in Osaka


When I compose for a show, I work most of the time in front of the stage, but whenever possible, I also like to go on adventures in the city to find a terrace, a restaurant or a park where I can set up my nomadic studio and continue composing.

Being in a different environment, with the hustle and bustle of the city and the sounds of the city influence my writing. It allows me to distance myself from the show, to (re)consider it as a whole and to bring new colors that I probably wouldn't have found if I had stayed in the room.

On the picture above, I found this very Japanese terrace in Osaka, on top of a skyscraper. There, I took advantage of the nice weather to work for long hours outside. This strange guy, with his headphones, concentrated on his keyboard, with mimics typical of musicians who play does not fail to attract the curiosity of other customers ...

A place to compose in Osaka
One of my favorite place to compose in Osaka


Director: Kohey Nakadachi
Production: Chiaki Ogura, Maruomasayo
Text adaptation: Takeshi Masuda Theater Company of Mongolia)
Lighting: Kaede Fukunaga
Images: Tomoka Fushiya (Tadashi Mitani (PixelEngine LLC)
Costume and hair: Kiichiro
Make-up: Yasushiei Takahashi
Flyer design: Hato (coonyang)


Kohey Nakadachi
Masaaki Koga
Nyoze Gamon
Korin Sakura
Mlle Sullivan
Nyoze Waremon
Yuka Matsuoka
Kanai Keisuke
Iruvin Koji (guitariste)
Fumiko (Koto)

For tour information - contact Korin Sakura : sakura@thekio.co.jp