VIANDE, morceaux choisis © Elisa Larvego VIANDE, morceaux choisis © Elisa Larvego

music for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - Switzerland, 2015


jerome baur, music 

VIANDE, morceaux choisis / Meat, selected pieces

Theater - 1h20 - Switzerland - 2015

Creation from an idea by Thierry Jorand and Marcel Mühlestein
Music by Jérôme Baur

Théâtre du Loup Genève

With the support of the SSA for stage music:  

After a lifetime of cutting up animals,
eventually, it may happen that we come to ask ourselves
to ask ourselves some existential questions...


Francis is a butcher. By love of good food, by passion, by tradition but today, he is retiring. This is the opportunity to pass on the last tricks of the trade to his son-in-law Guy, who takes over the butcher's shop.

Except that the business has changed. Welcome to the back room of the "Boucherie Mordant" where a drunken vampire, a strange shrink, bellowing, mooing, a cat hair apron, an 82-bullet rib eye, animal liberation front activists, bacon dancing and other dirty stuff share the spotlight with two generations of loudmouth butchers!


For two years, the Loup collective questioned traditional butchers, visited local butcher shops, laboratories, saw pigs being bled, read piles of reports, talked about meat with their children, neighbors and friends...

The substance of these researches is served to you in this show, transformed, in short circuit, without conservation and in music as it should be!


Based on an idea by Thierry Jorand and Marcel Mühlestein
With on stage : Thierry Jorand, Sandro Rossetti (+ double bass), Cédric Simon (+ guitar)

Corinne Müller : Dramaturgy, co-writing, co-directing
Eric Jeanmonod: Set design and construction, co-direction
Lighting and stage management: Michel Guibentif
Costumes : Veronica Segovia :
Composer and sound design: Jérôme Baur
Choir arrangements : Yves Cerf
Props design : Leah Babel
Research and realization of props : Miriam Kerchenbaum
Video direction : Juliette Riccaboni
Technical : Stéphane Charrier
Video rehearsal: Nicola Dotti
Photo: Elisa Larvego


Photos © Elisa Larvego