Macbeth Macbeth

musique for theatre

Soundtrack by Jerome Baur - Switzerland, 2015


jerome baur, music · MacBeth theme - Introduction (extrait)


William Shakespeare - Théâtre - 1h20 - Switzerland - 2015 - Directed by Geoffrey Dyson - Music by Jérôme Baur- With the support of the SSA for stage music


Why Macbeth? This performance explore how the play reveals very old tribal and clan impulses (the historical figure reigned in the 11th century), impulses that are still underlying and omnipresent ten centuries later.

Ambition, the irresistible taste for power, the temptation to go so far as to commit a crime in order to oust competitors, the thirst for revenge, the fabrication of the motives of others, these are the impulses that motivate the characters in Macbeth.

It is Shakespeare's most performed play because all of us, at whatever level, are subject to these same impulses that our superego forbids us, but which our primitive unconscious is impregnated with.  It also reveals our powerlessness in the face of fate: creation "is a tale told by a fool, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.


Finally I had the opportunity to cross paths with the great Shakespeare! I had a real pleasure to compose the music for this show.

The director's intention was to develop a primal, almost Neanderthal, side to this tragedy. To set it to music, I used ancient percussion, rubbed metal, war horns and bagpipes, flutes and lithophones that I articulated on carpets of strings as fragile as they are disturbing. 

On stage, I also asked the actors to play certain transitions with drums, didgeridoo and small percussions (bone bracelets, wood, etc.). The nature of these sounds appeals directly to some of our ancestral instincts and also contributes to putting our senses on alert. Thus, the music and the sounds were able to increase the immersion of the spectators in this imaginary landscape. 


on stage : René-Claude Emery, Darius Kehtari, Thierry Jorand, Virginie Meisterhans, Frank Michaud, Fanny Pelichet, David Pion, Pierric Tenthorey,
and, R.I.P. the talentuous actor Raoul Teuscher.

French text: Antoinette Monod and Geoffrey Dyson
Director: Geoffrey Dyson
Set design : Kym Staiff
costumes : Tania d'Ambrogio
Lighting : Jean-Pierre Potvilège
Photographer : Gaia Baur


Photos © Gaia Baur