Dérapage, la maison de M. Maurice
Dérapage, la maison de M. Maurice © Cie Kygel Théâtre, G. Ravicchio, J. Baur Dérapage, la maison de M. Maurice © Cie Kygel Théâtre, G. Ravicchio, J. Baur

music for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - France - 1992

Directed by Guy Lafrance, Karim Yazi and Marc Amyot 
A show by the KYGEL Company at the Avignon Festival 92

Kygel Théâtre - France - Avignon 1992
A Braham Transfert - poster © Elhadi Yazi


Mr X, a senior executive, has found a substitute for his moral solitude: the commemoration of the discovery of America. His flat is the theatre of his delirium: paintings, costumes, objects, furniture, etc., although stylised, plunge him into the idyllic past of the conquests of the modern era. He believes it, he believes himself.

One night, a couple Y and Z, burglars, break into his retreat. But before they disappear with the loot, Mr X intercepts them. Instead of handing them over to the police, Mr X holds them hostage and forces them to share his passion...


"A four-act comedy full of colour and electronic gadgets, reminiscent of Gotlib's drawings, the 'Palace' programmes or the happy days of 'Merci Bernard'. And the stage gives way to a collective hysteria of the three actors who have a field day torturing Claudel's texts, singing songs and defying the laws of common sense. The kind of play where you think 'No, they won't do it, they won't dare...', and they dare, with genius (without boiling) and malice. Journal - Le Comtadin Avignon – 30 juillet 1992


With : Guy Lafrance, Pierre Vallet and Karim Yazi
Director: Guy Lafrance and Karim Yazi
Artistic collaboration: Marc Amyot
Set design: Sylvie Foreau-Fenier and Massimo Napolitano
Music: Jérôme Baur
Costumes: Abdel Sebbagh
Lighting: Luc Tramier
Graphic design: I'Grec

Created at the CAEL Theatre in Sevran (93) on 21 May 1992 
Production: KYGEL Théâtre - France

Support for the creation : Mairie de Sevran and CAEL de Sevran.