Où est Charlie ?
Où est Charlie ? Tania De Paola - photo © Brigitte Bulhmann Cie Tania De Paola - photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

music for theatre and choreography

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur


jerome baur, music · Où est Charlie ? L'ombre des cordes (extrait) · 


Création 2020 - Switzerland - Duration: 1h10 

Production: Cie Tania de Paola - taniadepaola.com
Original music: Jérôme Baur


The incredible life story of Ingrid Cornavin, a fictional character, a young woman of our century who is looking for love, looking for her Charlie... Throughout her improbable adventures and misadventures in love, Ingrid plunges and leads us with humor, grace and poetry into the abyss of her celibacy and her quest for happiness!

photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

The creation of this show required a year of work, while also going through the world health crisis that has severely affected the field of live performance.

First of all, there was the exploration of nearly 180 vocal recordings that Tania De Paola had made on a dictaphone during several years. Then, Tania De Paola and I worked together on the sculpture of the narrative and the musical composition.

ou est charlie - Tania de Paola - photo © Brigitte Buhlmann
photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

We then experienced the first draft of the show by... listening to it! It was a first immersion with headphones and eyes closed within this audio score. This creative process was a first for both of us. We were immersed in the head and intimate thoughts of the character and from this experience came the idea of using headphones to reproduce this particular proximity for the public.

Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann
Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

So I made a double mix, the specific one for the headphones (silent-disco) and the one for the stage. On stage, the sound system and its sub-woofer had the task to support the actors-dancers but also to send from time to time the physical vibrations towards the spectators, increasing the field of action of the headphones.

Connected to the voice of the character, his story and his feelings, the experience became unique. The enthusiastic feedback from the audience after the performances reinforced the choice we had made.

The character of the music accompanies in turn the character's frankness, his humor, his gentle and sometimes violent words, his solitude and his empathy.

The diversity of the orchestrations takes us on a journey between sweet-electro, rocky blues-rock, landscapes sounds and aquatic music, always with the aim of accompanying the prosody of the words of the central character.

Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

On these musics and on these words, Tania De Paola then wrote her delicate choreographies. The danced movements that she interprets illustrate those emotions that the word is unable to express and offer the character an astonishing thickness of soul. The challenge was also for Tania to obtain a particular sobriety in order not to interfere with the listening of the story.

Her dance thus becomes the living extension of the ideas developed by the central character of the show. A fine work of choreography as beautiful as complex!

Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann
Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

The lights created by Danielle Milovic, which she sculpted scene after scene with great delicacy, open another dimension. The light makes tangible and almost palpable the dreams, the desires and the imagination of Ingrid. The transformations of Danielle Milovic's paintings accompany with poetry and depth this immersion to which we are invited.

There is also on stage Ingrid's "Love Coach". The character, Pascal But, played by the actor Franck Arnaudon, appears as a handsome devil to sell his website, his youtube channel and his recipes to find love. He reflects the excesses of those who make money on human misery and this world that seems to make less and less room for love. This world in which Ingrid fights with courage to find happiness.


Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann
Où est Charlie - Cie Tania De Paola, photo © Brigitte Bulhmann