Berkoff - KVETCH © Cie Claques, Geoffrey Dyson Berkoff - KVETCH © Cie Claques, Geoffrey Dyson- music by jerome baur

music for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - 2019

"Kvetch is a Yiddish word meaning "anguish" or "complaint

KVETCH by Steven Berkoff - directed by Geoffrey Dyson 

Cie Claques - Théâtre PULLOFF, March 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland.


A man, his wife, the mother-in-law, a friend and the man's boss are together. They are discussing rather mundane matters. They answer each other kindly, but inside they are in a state of extreme anxiety, their "kvetches" are nagging them!

Their little inner voice, the one they never dare to express aloud, takes over and it is eminently more vast, more confused, more tortured, more desperate than their façade speech would suggest.

It is in this juxtaposition of two contradictory discourses that "Kvetch" draws its strength and its fierce Jewish humour.

A masterpiece of observation where every word rings true. The societal forces that prevent us from really saying what we think will always win.

And the efforts of those who try to overcome this are eminently ridiculous. But one cannot help but be touched by these futile, yet heroic quests.


On stage: Séverine Bujard, Sabrina Martin, Gaspard Boesch, Philippe Cohen and Frank Semelet.

Director: Geoffrey Dyson
French text: Geoffrey Dyson and Antoinette Monod
Music: Jerome Baur
Scenography: Kym Staiff
Lighting: Jean-Pierre Potvliege
Stage technician and trailer: Patrick Guex
Costumes: Berivan Meyer
Make-up: Viviane Lima

Music produced with the support of the SSA, Société suisse des auteurs - Bourse pour la création de musique de scène.