© Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio Giacomo Ravicchio, Meridiano Theatret

music for theatre

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur




45 min show - Copenhagen, 2020

Cast: Elise Müller, Lars Begtrup
Author, director, designer:
Giacomo Ravicchio 

Compositeur & sound designer : Jerome Baur
Technicien : Andreas Darum
Production : Meridiano Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark


Even though Olivia is small, her thoughts are so big that she can imagine anything and everything in the world. Olivia is almost 6 years old, so strong and invincible that she almost has a yellow belt in karate. She knows a lot of things about a lot of things, but there is still a lot to discover in this big, varied and incomprehensible world. Fortunately, she has her imagination, and thanks to it, she can search for answers and travel wherever she wants, even far away in the universe. Everyone has questions... even the smallest among us.

A pictorial, magical and musical show for everyone, from 4 to over 100 years old, about thoughts, emotions and dreams within this concrete, physical and real universe.