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Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur


jerome baur, music · Blue Neon - HOUDINI (extrait)


THE GREAT HOUDINI (Trailer) Dir. Giacomo Ravicchio - Vimeo.
Theater, Copenhagen, 2006


The Great Houdini is a show about imprisonment and escape. A story that takes place in a zone with boundaries - between inner and outer realities, where inner and outer voices intermingle and where magic repeatedly crosses a brutal or trivial reality as an expression of the inner life of the dream.

A modern tale about unlimited illusions. About being trapped in situations of inner chaos and outer order that threatens to collapse.

The main character Enzo is a former illusionist who has become a rich and successful businessman. He feels alienated, even in his own success. It is only in the encounter with a young girl, captive in a hard life, that the fragments of his existence begin to form a whole.

The Great Houdini is a love story where the term "magic" has a double meaning: to perform magic tricks and to be exposed to the inexplicable.

Nicolas Genest - photo @ Gaia Baur
Nicolas Genest - photo @ Gaia Baur


Without knowing exactly why, when Giacomo presented me the tortured character of the magician HOUDINI that he was planning to stage, I immediately thought of Miles Davis...

It is the color and the sound that came to my mind and I followed this instinct to write the music for this show. My dear friend Nicolas Genest agreed to play the bugle and the trumpet from a distance.

We worked, he in Paris and I in Copenhagen via Internet in a ping-pong of recordings, scores and playbacks. In the end, Nicolas's sound was a perfect match for the Houdini that Giacomo Ravicchio had imagined. 

jerome baur, music · You are the key - Houdini (extrait)


In The Great Houdini, Giacomo Ravicchio reveals himself as a convincing illusionist. This applies to the magical staging as well as to the beautiful imagery. Also as soon as he plays the main role and performs sleight of hand, which at intervals reminds the audience of a real magic show in Las Vegas.


With Lars Begtrup, Charlotte Christie, Rebekka Owe and Giacomo Ravicchio

Author, director and set designer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composer: Jérôme Baur
Dramaturg and translation of the manuscript: Bent Holm
Production: Meridano Teatret -
Administration : Poul Pedersen



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