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Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur


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Theater, Copenhagen, 2008

TRANSIT is a show about the senses by Giacomo Ravicchio and the Meridiano Company, Music by Jérôme Baur.

According to some Eastern philosophies, 9 levels of consciousness are at stake in a human life. The 5 senses that we know from our own cultural sphere, are the first 5 of these 9 levels of consciousness.

There is a story for each of these 9 levels of consciousness. 9 stories that are apparently separate. They are fantastically intertwined in the magical and so particular theatrical language of
Giacomo Ravicchio.

Over a large international airport, somewhere in central Europe, all planes in the air on this particular day are forced to land. Men and women from all over the world, traveling to various destinations, are suddenly forced to spend an uncertain number of hours in this 'no man's land'.

In this 'limbo' their past, their future, their dreams, their nightmares, their imagination and their hopes are presented and the stories of their lives touch, intertwine and transform.

Magic image theater, play, musical theater, modern dance and "live" video - all in a transformist scenography - a total adventure for the senses expressed by 9 actors, musicians and dancers. A theater that speaks to all our senses.


October 8, 2007, followed by a tour of Denmark and 4 weeks of performances as a guest company at K2 in Copenhagen.


Author, director, set designer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composer: Jérôme Baur
Playwright: Bent Holm

On stage

Soma Allpass, Samy Andersen, Claus Maack Bahnsen, Lars Begtrup, Louise Hyun Dahl, Pernille Lyneborg, Claudio Morales, Elise Müller, Judith Rothenborg.