Genesis © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio - Music: Jerome Baur Genesis © Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio - Music: Jerome Baur

musique de théâtre

Soundtrack composée par Jerome Baur


GENESIS (Trailer) from Giacomo Ravicchio on Vimeo

Spectacle de 75 mn - Danemark - 2006


Spectacle tout public écrit et mis en scène par Giacomo Ravicchio - Production: Meridiano Teatret (Danemark) - Musique de Jérôme Baur (Lausanne, Switzerland).
GENESIS ( Chinese version)Production:  Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre  


GENESIS a reçu le PRIX ”THE EXCELLENT PRODUCTION” à Shanghai en 2008. Tournées : Danemark, France, Ecosse, Chine, Japon, Corée, Suisse...

Genesis - Chinese version
Genesis - Chinese version, SDAC Shanghai and China Tour

Un spectacle sur le mythe des mythes: La Création
Tous les êtres humain, grand ou petit, se pose depuis des temps immémoriaux la même et éternelle question sur l'origine de la vie. "Genesis" emmène le public dans un voyage tridimensionnelle à travers l'univers et dans un conte sur le mystère de la vie.

Le spectacle est accompagné par de la musique et seulement quelques mots. Le public en ressort empreint de poésie, d'images magiques et avec la plus profonde et la plus simple des questions de l'existence. Le spectacle a été joué en plusieures langues.


Sur scène: Lars Begtrup, Elise Müller et Peter Thomsen (Danemark)

Auteur et metteur en scène: Giacomo Ravicchio (Italie-Danemark)
Compositeur: Jérôme Baur (France-Suisse)
Musicien: Jesper Folke Olsen (bluesman, steel guitar (Danemark), Peter Thomsen (Guitar player)



"Meridiano have created a beautiful and meditative production about the beginning of all things (...) breath-taking puppetry (...) visual magic and three-dimensionality."
Teateravisen, Denmark (2006)

"Truly meaningful theatre (…) a fabulous world (…) Once again we find ourselves in the fantastic, unfathomable universe that Meridiano Theatre is renowned for (…) In Meridiano Theatre’s ‘Genesis’ we journey to the place wherein is hidden the meaning of everything (…) We the audience leave the theatre’s very intense atmosphere with a sense of release, which comes from having been in the company of people who have discovered this meaning: Finding true significance in the detail of life."
P2, Theatre magazine. Denmark (2006)

” The secret of the universe, the birth of life … those serious topics can also be presented by children theatre. Integrating multimedia and puppets, Meridiano Theatre from Denmark presented ’Genesis’, a wordless journey, leading the audience into a magic 3-Dimension universe. An incredible experience of discovering the origin of life.” 
Xinmin Evening News, China (2007)

”Magic universe (…) Genesis opens the door of discovery (…) Beautiful music, perfect integration of multimedia with puppets. A musical journey to discover the origin of life.” 
Fuzhou Evening News, China (2007)

”Genesis, presented by Meridiano Theatre from Denmark, creatively interpreted the universe and evolution of life, those broader and scientific topics are rarely presented in children theatre. With the magic performance of the actress, a small egg is amazingly transformed into a huge planet which then becomes a birth place for life. The kids are attracted by the fascinating scenes when all kinds of animal puppets are coming out of the egg. The audience behave surprisingly quiet during the whole performance (…) Genesis actually reflects a serious philosophy of life, however its artistic approach is so virtual and intuitive and the young audience is greatly amazed by the visual presentation.” 
Jiefang Daily, China (2007)

”Beautiful, ingenious, poetic, visual arts theatre for children and adults alike (…) Meridiano combine the elegance and inventiveness of the object theatre of the East with modern, visual arts video installations, computer techniques, puppet theatre, conjuring tricks, masks and acting. Spiced up with a musical collage of sound landscapes, quiet and meditative, yet at times dramatic. The whole thing created by the Italian director, dramatist and visual artist Giacomo Ravicchio. It is beautiful, it is ingenious, it is breath-taking, the two players on the stage and the musician on the sideline stirring the imagination as they start this total, experiential theatre rolling. A pure visual treat (…) Outside the auditorium – afterwards in the car park – one cannot help but look up at the clear, unending starlit sky and wonder.”  
Kalundborg Folkeblad (2008)

“A theatrical experience of a highly unusual carat. The audience are taken on a three-dimensional trip through the universe, the like of which they have definitely never seen before; in the end they have to give up trying to work out whether the things they see are real or merely images on a screen.” 
Bornholms Tidende (2008)