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Jerome Baur & Nicolas Genest - photos © Gaia Baur Jerome Baur & Nicolas Genest - photos © Gaia Baur

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With music by Jérôme Baur, by Nicolas Genest and dances by Cie de danse suisse Tania de Paola 

The concert were performed in 2015 at the Cabaret Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland and at the Festival Jazz Metis, Montreuil, France, in 2016.



In 1998, after the birth of my daughter Gaia and after more than ten years of playing piano and keyboards in concerts, studios and festivals, I decided to stop this life on stage and on the road. I felt the need to be more present for my family and for that, to concentrate on the composition of music for the image, for the live show and the sound design.


the Swiss association "Tastemot" offers me a "carte blanche" evening, around my career as a composer and in the form of a concert at the Cabaret du Bourg in Lausanne... The little surprises of life :)

In view of this new appointment with music on stage, I proposed to my friend Nicolas Genest, composer, jazzman and trumpet player in Paris, to join me to create this moment, together. Nicolas and I had many musical adventures in the 90s and we have never cut our ties since. I was therefore very happy that he accepted my invitation and that we committed ourselves together in this project. 


So here we are in Lausanne. On the table, our various musical experiences, anecdotes and adventures on different continents over a period of thirty years add up.

Quickly, the form of a trip around the planet appeared logical to us. We then began to arrange, re-visit and re-arrange several of our compositions to adapt them to this future concert. By playing with the histories and origins of these musics, the map of the journey slowly revealed itself.

This journey starts far, far away, up there in space. Then, after landing in Asia (China and Japan), the music takes us to Africa, America, India and ends in Europe.
Behind our duet, images extracted from shows that I have set to music over the last twenty years, participate in the escape. Pictures or videos chosen by Nicolas Genest also add a new dimension to his own compositions.

The whole thing is non-stop and this ballad is punctuated by improvisations, images and also dances, thanks to the help of the Swiss choreographer, Tania De Paola and her fantastic dancers. The pleasure was there in Lausanne as well as later, during the second concert, in Paris.


Jérôme Baur (Composition and Keyboard) - Nicolas Genest (Composition and Brass) - Tania De Paola (Choreography and Dance) - Mariano Capona (Dance) - Antonio Perujo (Dance) - Aude Guirellon (Voice and Dance).

Many thanks to

Gaia Baur (Photo) - Nathan Ryan (Video) - Busy Besencon (Video) - Raf Guglielmetti (Video) - Charles-Henri Huser (rehearsal room) - to the whole team of Le Tastemot and Le Bourg - to the Festival Jazz Métis de Montreuil and to all those who contributed to make this project possible