Jerusalem © Cie Claque, Suisse

musique for theatre

Soundtrack by Jerome Baur - Switzerland, 2015



By Jez Butterworth, directed by Geoffrey Dyson, Claque Theater group - Switzerland - 2015


In the country everyone can be good," Lord Henry mockingly declares in The Picture of Dorian Gray, "there is no temptation. But Oscar Wilde's hedonistic nobleman never spent a drunken afternoon in the forest of Flintock, a fictional town in Wiltshire, England.

He never frolicked in the clearing in front of Johnny "The Rooster" Byron's mobile home, falling into an alcoholic coma while his host dished out tall tales between bouts of illegal substances. The Rooster, corrupter of young people, grotesque affabulator, rebellious squatter and menace to the municipality, is anything but honest.

But he is not completely bad either. He wavers mischievously between amorality and righteousness, showing himself to be more of a woodsman than a man bound by civic laws.


on stage : Marie Ruchat, Jade Amstel, Bernard Escalon, Frank Michaux, Laurent Sandoz, Antonio Troilo, Pierric Tenthorey

French translation : Antoinette Monod et Geoffrey Dyson
stage direction : Geoffrey Dyson
set designer : Kym Staiff
composer and sound illustration : Jérôme Baur
lighting design : Jean-Pierre Potvliege
costumes : Berivan Meyer
public relations : Pierre Lang