MEDÉE © Jean-Luc Jeener, Paris, 1990

musique for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur and Cyril Brongniart - France - 1990

In this magnificent underground stone space
that is the Crypt St Eustache, a stone's throw from the Halles de Paris, the immersion in the universe and the tragedy of Medea was total. 

MEDÉE by Jean Anouilh

My first music for the theater was a commission for the great classic Medea by Anouilh by the French director Jean-Luc Jeener.

It is with my musician friend and late, Cyril Brongniart that I discovered the composition for the live show that I still continue today. Cyril with his talent of guitarist and composer brought the right colors of the antiquity in this soundtrack that I worked to twist then.

Unfortunately, after the performances, a water damage irreparably destroyed all the tapes with our recordings... Since this was our first foray into the world of theater and in memory of my musical brother, Cyril Brongniart, I wanted to mention here this first work in common.


Daniel Sorano Theater
Director : Jean-Luc Jeener
Artistic director : Serge Leconte
Premiere at the Crypt St Agnès, Eglise St Eustache, les Halles, Paris.