A Braham Transfert
A Braham Transfert © Cie Kygel Théâtre A Braham Transfert © Cie Kygel Théâtre

music for theater

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - 2005

Directed by Guy Lafrance and Karim Yazi - Produced by Kygel Théâtre.
Creation at "Parc de la Poudrerie, Vaujours" (France 93)

A Braham Transfert - poster © Elhadi Yazi
A Braham Transfert - poster © Elhadi Yazi


Somewhere in an imaginary suburb... maybe the one of tomorrow...
A young man, Braham, is the leader of a millenarian sect. He is surrounded by three followers: Heavy, Lothard and Tharla.

They are secretly waiting for the end of the world, as are thousands of young disciples who have taken up their faith and their cause.

But there is a crisis on the eve of the last judgement: God is dead!

Threatened with stoning by the disciples, trying to rebuild their lives, the protagonists of this fable try to escape their fate in an absurd and grotesque world that we hope will never resemble ours..

photo © Kygel Théâtre
photo © Kygel Théâtre


Directing: Guy Lafrance et Karim Yazi
Production : KYGEL Théâtre
Music & sound design : Jérôme Baur

On stage : Abdasamad Benabdelouahed, Jean-Bernard Ekam-Dick, Emma Fallet puis Cécilia Filippi, Sophie Niget, laurent Savalle et Karim Yazi

Set designer : Jean-Marie Eichert
Costumes : Ingunn Egset
Voice over : Gaia Baur
Light designer : Nicolas Prosper

Support for creation: Ministry of Culture (DRAC Ile de France), Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Cohesion, FASILD Ile-de-France, Agence Régionale des Espaces Verts d'Ile-de-France, Conseil Général de Seine-Saint-Denis, Association Citoyenneté Jeunesse en Seine-Saint-Denis


"The setting is surprising, the actors' performance is excellent and you are hooked by the suspense, your eyes riveted on the stage until the end of the play”.
Culture - Journal de Villeneuve le roi - June 2005