© Meridiano, Giacomo Ravicchio Giacomo Ravicchio, Meridiano Theatret

music for theatre

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur


Duration 75 mn - theatre - Copenhague, 2021-2023

This play was conceived and written by the director and artistic director Giacomo Ravicchio.

This dramatic comedy was created in Copenhagen in the fall of 2021. Four Danish actresses play the different characters in front of the façade of a farmhouse that changes mechanically or thanks to video projections according to the scenes and throughout the show.


Freely inspired by Orwell's Animal Farm, ANIMALS propels us into a timeless factory-farm town.

Amidst the fumes of the factories and mines, sheep, dogs and pigs live together. The sheep are the workers who toil in the graphite mines, the dogs are the "representatives of order" and the pigs are the industrial and political leaders who have profit as their horizon and very few scruples for the citizens.

In this totalitarian state, desires for freedom and fairness bubble up. But, between the stones of oppression, forbidden loves, the desire of revolt and hope stubbornly push... push...

Animals poster


Actress : Elise Müller-Ravicchio, Mette Alvang, Vika Dahlberg, Annevig Ebbe
Writer, set design, video and Artistic Director: Giacomo Ravicchio 
Music composer and sound designer: Jerome Baur
Mask maker: Katrine Karlsen
Costumes: Møller Svendsen
Translation: Henriette Zichau Hertz
Wig helmets: Karin ørum
Constructor, Workshop and Technique: Steen Molls Rasmussen
Light, Sound and video coding: Robert Nhi Felsby
Production leader and Stage technician: Lars Begtrup
Production: Elise Müller-Ravicchio - Meridiano Teatret, Copenhague
Treasurer: Poul Pedersen
Photographer: Ditte Valente