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Cie Tania De Paola-photo © Brigitte Bulhmann Cie Tania De Paola-photo © Brigitte Bulhmann

music for Dance-Theatre

Soundtrack composed by Jerome Baur - Switzerland - 2015


jerome baur, music · PAN - Captain Hook (extrait) by Jerome Baur


PAN (trailer) - 16.05.15 from jerome baur on Vimeo.

Creation - Show Dance - Theater - 1h15 - Switzerland - 28.02.2015
A production of the Cie Tania de Paola theater group -
PAN - images © Darrin Vanselow - Cie Tania De Paola
PAN - images © Darrin Vanselow - Cie Tania De Paola


is a performance by the choreographer Tania de Paola, in which she provokes an encounter between the personal story of the English author Sir J.M. Barrie, creator of the tale "PETER PAN" and its characters, and parts of the book "Tu ne t'aimes pas" by the French writer Nathalie Sarraute. From this encounter, the universal question: "Who are we?" takes flight in dance, theater, projected video, light and music.

PAN takes place in the 70's, a mythical period with improbable colors, insouciance and wild funk. This is the setting in which Tania de Paola has placed "the imaginary world of Peter Pan". He and his companions will try to pull J.M. Barrie from a bottomless despair caused by the mourning of his wife, Lady Barrie. With the help of Captain Hook, Tinker Bell and the Crocodile, Peter Pan keeps coming back to rescue the inconsolable Sir Barrie from his dreary life. But Sir Barrie resists all these characters who are perhaps one and the same person?

It seems that we are all composed of a multitude of "I "s who do not always get along with each other. It is perhaps one of the greatest difficulties of the existence to manage to live in harmony with this multitude in order to live at best with oneself and with the "Others". A universal and timeless theme that is more topical than ever.

PAN - images © Darrin Vanselow - Cie Tania De Paola
PAN - images © Darrin Vanselow - Cie Tania De Paola


Conception, choreography : Tania de Paola
Assistant : Stéphane Rentznik
Music, arrangements and sound design: Jérôme Baur
Pan : Mariano Capona (dancer, musician)
Crocodile: Antonio Perujo (dancer, musician)
Hook : Alexandre Bonstein (actor, dancer)
Barrie : Pierre-Pascal Nanchen (actor)
Clochette : Aude Gilliéron (actor, dancer)
4 children : Maëlle Corajoud, Nathan Vautier, Léo Poget and Néo de Paola